Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where each week we're given a new topic and give ten book examples about that topic. Today's topic is the Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever.

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday post ever, but me, being the overall negative person I am, just had to take part in this one, the topic being the Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever. *rubs hands together* This ought'a be interesting. (entries are in no particular order)

1: Faith Daniels - Pulse by Patrick Carman
Goodness, where do I even begin with Faith Daniels? This character frustrated me ever since she referred to one of the other characters as the 'crown prince of dorks' then promptly becomes his best friend after hearing that he can get her jeans for cheap prices. But no, they really care about each other. *rolls eyes* Then my frustration only continues after she "is instantly attracted by" the asshole of the school, Wade, and then gives him the benefit of the doubt after he drugs her on a date. Ugh. I do not like this character. I do not like her at all. [Review here.]

2. Wade Quinn - Pulse by Patrick Carman
He freaking drugs the main character on a date so that she'd forget something he'd done! Do I even need to expand?

3. Hawk - Pulse by Patrick Carman 
I'm fairly certain that Carman intended readers to adore Hawk and find him adorable, but I thought he was easily one of the most annoying characters I've ever had the misfortune to read about. I am seriously convinced that he is a four year old disguised as a thirteen year old, all Oprhan-like. Good god this kid was annoying. 

4. Owen Parker - The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson
Anyone who's read my review of The Lost Code knows well enough that I do not like this character one bit. Similarly to Hawk, Owen resembled a whiny, eight year old trapped inside the body of a fifteen year old. He was immature to the point of extreme frustration, acted far too often like a lovestruck teenage girl we find in pretty much every crappy YA novel, and just ugh. The love interest was no better, either, but she is not frustrating enough to make it on my top ten list. Miraculously.

5. Everyone - Revolution 19 by Gregg Rosenblum 
No, really. Every single character in this book was a character that frustrated me. Each and every one of them were remarkably stupid in their own special, little ways, and I was praying for the moment when one of the super-intimidating robots (they roll, guys! HOLY SHIT, RUNNNNN!!!), would just run them over them and never look back. That never happened, unfortunately. Seriously, characters in Revolution 19, just die already. Sincerely, everyone who's read Revolution 19. [Review here]

6. Everyone - Blind Spot by Laura Ellen 
I want every character in this book to die a painful death. I hated them. Hated them all. So much. [Review here. Not linking to the review on my blog because it's infested with spammers.]

7. Celaena Sardothien - Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
I don't remember very much from Throne of Glass, but I can say that I remember being thoroughly frustrated with the main character, Celaena. Celaena spends far too much of the book talking about how awesome she is, and how she's the best assassin in the world, and how everyone fears her - but when she's placed in danger, she does nothing. Early in the novel, she complained about how her wet socks hurt her feet, many characters are able to sneak up on her without any trouble, she complained about her stomach a lot, shrieked in joy over candy after proclaiming herself as a badass, etc. [Review here.]

8. Noah Shaw - The Mara Dyer series
Ugh, this guy's just a douche. Simple as that. [Not linking my review for the first book, because I'm embarrassed by it, to be honest, but here's my review for the second book.]

9. Fia - Mind Games by Kiersten White
I'm trying to decide who's the worse assassin - Celaena, or Fia? I think the award may have to go to Fia, considering the fact that Celaena actually fought people (albeit not really in the book, just told to us), and Fia decided not to kill a target because he saved a puppy. So yeah. As well as that, Fia was just an annoying and impulsive character, whose actions made little to no sense whatsoever. [Review here.]

10. Zoe - Glitch by Heather Anastasiu 
"I know you just attempted to rape me and all, but we can still be friends, right?" *throws things* [Review here.]


Who are the top ten most frustrating characters in your opinion? If you took part in this Top Ten Tuesday, leave a link in the comments and I'll get to it as soon as possible, and if you didn't, just tell me some of your most frustrating characters in the comments, and if and match up with mine.


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