Today's Releases (January 29)






Whoaaaa, there. Holy release day, once again! There aren't too many of today's releases that I'll be buying, but I do plan on reading Legend really soon (like, a few more days soon), and I've heard that Prodigy is so much better, so I'm looking forward to read that quite a bit, and I also plan on reading Incarnate at some point, considering the sequel is now released. A few months ago I would have jumped on Nobody But Us, but reviews from friends of mine have rolled in that make me want to avoid that one like the plague. I also really need to get started on Angelfire trilogy,  because I've heard amazing things, and what better time to start it than now, now that the entire trilogy is released! The Madman's Daughter is awesome, just thought I'd let you know. *nudges* I'll definitely be buying myself a copy of that one to own, and everything else sounds really good, too! Which of today's releases (or series, since many of them are second and third installments) will you be getting? Let me know in the comments, and happy reading!


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