About The Bloggers

Meet Mel!

Hello book nerds! My name is Melanie and I am a 13 year old Aussie. Things I do in my life: read, review, blog, spaz out, procrastinate and freak out. Trust me- you don't want to be there when I freak out- it's nasty. Other more productive activities I try to attempt are playing piano, Netball and be a good student. My obsessions are My Little Pony (I bet you didn't know! Hint: look at my avatar) and Percabeth. If you don't know what Percabeth is, I'm sorry but- NO. Read Percy Jackson and you will have just read my favourite series of all time. Anyhoo, I also own my own blog, YA Midnight Reads where I am forever alone. You can find me on Gooodreads and Twitter! (@Melanie_YMR)

Meet Ellis!

Oh, hi! (Casual, as always.) I'm Ellis, a.k.a. the most recent addition to Finding Bliss in Books. I also go by Ellis of the Belgiums, since that puts me on par with some of my favourite fantasy heroines, such as Katsa of the Middluns, Spoiler of Lumatere and Quintana of Charyn. I'm a 21-year-old language student who is in love with fantasy, whether it's of the high, low, epic, or urban variety. Things I like include: recaps of my favourite TV shows in internetese, watching those shows in the first place so I actually know what they're talking about, languages, yelling and/or obsessing over my favourite books/series (hello, The Raven Cycle journal!), snark, researching random facts (possibly related to aforementioned obsessing), overthinking, and fangirling over: books,  TV shows, characters, authors, bloggers, and generally awesome people. Sometimes there's a little harmless stalking mixed into that. I can Georgia Speak with the best of them and teach classes on How to Swear in Dutch in my free time. Yes, they're free. I have a tendency to talk too much, so it's a good thing I have other outlets for my shenanigans, such as Twitter (@trtliterator), Goodreads and my own blog, The Random Transliterator