The Immortal Rules: Thoughts on 25-50%

Yes, yes, YES! Finally, I think I might be in love with this book.
 It seems that what some people are finding boring, I'm absolutely loving! This book really has picked up around the 25-30% mark, and I really don't want to put it down! It's amazing that this book went from being a 3.5 star rating to a 4.5 star rating, quite possibly even higher, just like that! And to be quite honest, I'm not too sure what happened to me! I was just... hooked! The action really starts around 30%, and kind of stops somewhere around 40%, but that in no way means that it got boring. Now, people will disagree with me, but I love reading about Allie walking around, trying to survive, even her slaughter-fest of the two truckers! And then she meets Zeke, and everything gets even better. Oh, so much better. I cannot believe how much of an immense improvement the second and third parts of The Immortal Rules as been compared to the first, and I can only hope I will have the same feelings about this book when I reach 100%. Please don't disappoint me, Julie Kagawa, not when I'm loving it so much!


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