The Immortal Rules: Thoughts on the first 25%

Discussion on the first 25% of The Immortal Rules:

and... Go!

Mommaseymour: Okay, so what did you think of Part 1? I felt it was a little choppy and the cover looks nothing like how she is described.

Blythe: I thought the first part of The Immortal Rules was mediocre, and just pretty boring. I agree about the cover, it looks nothing like how she's described in the book, but oh well. I do like the tear drop of blood, though. Did you think it was pretty boring, too? (I do, however, think that they second part was a vast improvement, and I really liked it, particularly the Blood Angels scene).

Mommaseymour: yeah. I was thinking at first that maybe Luke was going to be the main male character, yup I was wrong about that. Then I thought it would be Kanin...and then he...well...we aren't sure yet... Now I think it is Zeke and I am pretty sure that is right from other reviews. Overall very confusing.

Blythe: I haven't met Zeke yet, but from what I've heard he is the main male character. I was very shocked at everything that happened in the book (perhaps a little too soon). 

Blythe: How do you feel about the character of Allison? 

Mommaseymour: Ummm. I might have to plead the 5th. Really I am not sure how I feel about her. I thought she was a strong character but her actions sometimes are so naive I just want to smack her into reality. For being a street rat common sense is lacking.

Blythe: I agree. You'd think she'd have more common sense living on the street all her life, pretty much alone with the exception of Rat, Stick and Lucas, and I just thought she'd be more clever, and that she'd think her actions and its consequences out more thoroughly. I'm hoping for some character development on her part later on in the story.

Mommaseymour: So far her character seems to be the same. I am not even sure what word I would use to describe her.

Blythe: Aw, well that's a shame. So far I don't know what word I'd use to describe her, either. She's a tricky one. 

Blythe: How many stars do you think you'd give The Immortal Rules as of right now?

Mommaseymour: right now it would be a 3 but I am hoping to at least be able to rate it a 3.5 or 4 
5 is not in the cards.

Blythe: As of right now I think I'd give it a solid 3.5 stars, but, then again, I'm not as far as you. Looks like that wraps up our book discussion. Thanks for discussing the book with me, and to the people reading this, thanks for reading this! Tune in soon for more of our thoughts!

To readers: Since Mommaseymour was at the 60% mark when we had this discussion, we will have another discussion when we both reach 75%, considering all of her thoughts posted here are for the first 50%. I will post my thoughts of the first 50%, though.


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