Showcase Sunday (38): The One With Sequels

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicki at Books, Biscuits, and Tea, where we showcase what books we've gotten over the course of the week, whether it be from a book store, bought for your eReader, received from the library, or from the publishers for review, etc.

For Review:


Taste Test: Okay, so if you take Big Brother and MasterChef (two of my absolute favorite shows every), and you put them in a room happens...the outcome would be Taste Test. I am not joking when I say that Taste Test is the lovechild of Big Brother and MasterChef, which means I absolutely love it so far. (Did I mention how fun it is? Because it is SO. MUCH. FUN.) Thanks, Walker Children's! 

The Mirk and Midnight Hour: So this is book 1/3 for the title of this post, meaning it's a sequel. A sequel to a book that hasn't been received quite well amongst good friends of mine, but granted that it's a companion novel set in the same world and not a direct sequel, and that it's a retelling of Tam Lin, I'm all in. Thanks, Random House!

Hereafter: Did I mention that all three of the sequels I got this week are for books whose predecessors I haven't read? (Oops? Also, yes, I might be weird to use 'whose' when concerning books, but shhh.) Anyway, I've heard that Shadowlands is really fun, and that this sequel is really creepy, so I jumped the gun and requested it. It's not that bad when you wholeheartedly plan to eventually read the first book! Shush! Thanks, Disney-Hyperion. 

Never Fade: Okay, now I have a good reason for requesting this one having not read The Darkest Minds, and that's because apparently The Darkest Minds ends in some monster cliffhanger and, while I have been dying to read it since it was published, I promised myself I would only read it when the sequel is released, or if I get an ARC of the sequel. And, now that I have an ARC of the sequel, I'm fully prepared to read The Darkest Minds! (But perhaps not emotionally prepared. Seriously, I've heard that this cliffhanger is a life-ruiner.) 

What did you get this week? Let me know in the comments, or leave a link to your haul, and I'll check it out as soon as possible!


  1. Yay for Never Fade! I got this one recently and look forward to reading it. I keep seeing Hereafter and haven't read the first book yet. I need to get on that. Great haul and happy reading!
    My Showcase Sunday

  2. Really cool haul! Happy reading :)

    bloglovin' follower

  3. I'm happy to see that Disney Books is finally allowing access to bloggers & reviewers again :) After your rant about Taste Test, I may have to request it as well! Enjoy!

  4. I love the cover for Never Fade! Which really reminds me that I need to check out The Darkest Minds soon, everyone's been RAVING about it. LOL, maybe I should do the same and request sequels whose predecessors I haven't read either (you're not the only one who describes books like they're people), because I really do intend to read them... uh, soon. Bahaha, have a lovely week, and enjoy all your new books, Blythe!

  5. Haha, I did the same thing with Never Fade and Here After! (Hereafter? I think it's Hereafter.) I haven't read their predecessors either, but I've still got them. Which means I'm doubling my own reading load, but... they look good!

    I was one of the people who wasn't too fond of Strands of Bronze and Gold, even though I REALLY wanted to be. I hope The Mirk and Midnight Hour (which I keep wanting to call mirkin... eep)is better! Tam Lin's a cool story, so here's hoping.

  6. I still really want to read Strand of Bronze and Gold. I got the audio book and just couldn't do it. The readers french accent was pretty bad. But the sequel looks beautiful!
    My STS

  7. My advice is not to read Strands of Bronze and Gold and instead go right into The Mirk and Midnight Hour since it's centered on new characters and not really much of a sequel. Strands has that Gothic feel going on, but it's very, very slow and race is handled so badly it's almost funny (except not). If you can tune the race thing out, then give it a try. (Independent of all that, I like the covers for that series. -drools-)

    No such remarks on reading Shadowlands and The Darkest Minds because I didn't read them and don't care about them or their sequels. Nothing but the truth.

    Also, sadfaces and hugs that you were loving Taste Test when you wrote this but ave since started having problems.

  8. Good idea with Never Fade. I honestly wasn't crazy about The Darkest Minds, but I did love the ending! Even though the rest of the book didn't grab me, the ending had a big bang and I felt like the series was headed in a cool place. I hope you like both books!!

  9. I read The Darkest Minds last year and olved it but changed my rating to 4 recently after discovering many things. (and besides, I was relatively naive and easily swayed by maga cliff-hangers then) Yet still, it's great but the romance seemed to have come out of no where.

    Such a shame Taste Test went downhill.

    Enjoy reading them and have a great week, Blythe! <33

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!! The Mirk and Midnight Hour and Here After!!! :D GAAAAH! Are these on netGalley?! I need them in my life NOW! I loved Shadowlands and Strands, and can't wait to dig into the sequels! Congrats on your new reads, hope you'll love them all!!!! <3

    Evie @Bookish

  11. Well, this is awkward, since I know what happened to Taste Test later. Hopefully the others work out better for you. O_O Did you read Strands? Because I heard it wasn't good either. Crossing fingers for you, dear.

  12. I really wanted to get Taste Test, but I have so many review books that I am really trying to not take on anymore. I want to get a jump on my September books as soon as I can. Lol! All of your books sound fab, I hope you enjoy them!

  13. I was really looking forward to Taste Test because it sounded too cute to pass up. Fortunately I had managed to restrain myself from immediately requesting... and apparently that's a good thing. 2 stars?! Such a bummer. There needs to be more foodie contest books.

  14. I'm really excited about Taste Test-I adore cooking shows and think this one looks so much fun!

  15. LOL Friends reference.

    I still need to read Shadowlands. Boo Lyn.


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