Coming Attractions: Taste Test by Kelly Fiore

Coming Attractions is inspired by The Perpetual Page Turner's Save The Date. Coming Attractions showcases a book that is not released for a while that I've read, and gives you a sneak peek (like a pre-review, if you will) as to what I thought about the book, since I can't post the review until closer to the release date.

Taste Test
Kelly Fiore
Series: None
Release Date: August 27th, 2013
Publisher: Walker Children's
Rating: 2 stars
Word Rating: What happened?
Reviewed by: Blythe

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Nora Henderson has been basting baby back ribs for as long as she could reach the counter of her dad's famous barbecue joint. When she's accepted to Taste Test, a teen reality cooking competition, Nora can't wait to leave her humble hometown behind. On set, run-ins with the maddeningly handsome and talented son of a famous chef, Christian Van Lorten, make Nora wonder if it's him or the win she really wants, but as she and Christian emerge as front-runners for the final prize, Nora can't ignore the mysterious accidents plaguing the kitchen arena. Someone is conducting eliminations of their own, and if Nora doesn't stop them, she could be next to get "chopped" for good. 

With romance and intrigue as delectable as the winning recipes included in the story, this debut novel will be devoured by all.

Funny, yesterday I was contemplating giving this book five stars, and now I am tempted to give it one.

BUT, I have to keep in mind how much I loved the first quarter of this book, and that is practically this book's only saving grace from getting one star from me. We'll see how I feel once I write my review. Perhaps I won't be so generous. I have many, many thoughts, and have little to no idea as to how I'm going to organize them into a coherent review.

But first, a quick rundown of the things that pissed me off about this book:

THE CHARACTERS. They're awful. The MC, while snarky, is judgmental, slut-shames, can't make up her mind, and is just annoying as hell. The semi-love interest, Christian, is one of the biggest assholes ever, and he can take his infuriatingly arrogant self and go hump a cactus. The fact that the synopsis is making him look like a charming love interest just...ugh.

THE "COMPETITION." One of the main reasons I loved the first quarter of this so much was because of the competitions, and really the only reason I was interested in this book was because I wanted to read something that would be like a novelization of a MasterChef episode with some extra fun that would come with a YA novel. You will not find that in Taste Test. There are two or three competitions that are actually described (and irritatingly briefly and bluntly), and then for the remainder of the novel we're told the outcomes of the competition: who stays, who goes, who won the challenges, etc. Of all the things in the novel, I am probably most disappointed about that.

THE ROMANCE DESCRIBED AND PROMISED TO US IN THE SYNOPSIS? Practically nonexistent, unless you consider Christian going up to Nora and taking off her belt buckle without her consent romance. The only inch of actual romance throughout this entire book is towards the end, and even then, it's

Full review to come in July.

 This will not be a happy review. 


  1. Just looking at the cover is enough to dispel any interest I had in the book, honestly. Ugh. With a bitchy MC. And I absolutely hate it when what's "advertised" in the synopsis is practically nonexistent in the book. Definitely steering away from this, so thanks for the heads-up, Blythe!

  2. I was following (stalking?) your updates on Goodreads and watching it go from excited to sorely disappointed was kind of sad. I am a huge MasterChef fan and was so hoping this would be fun and exciting like the show, like you were, it seems. I guess it's good to know not to expect that. And, likely, not to even go anywhere near it. *sigh*

  3. I have not even heard of this one, but based on your pre-review, I know I would hate this as much as you. Slut-shaming REALLY bothers me unless there is a lesson or message the author is trying to portray overall. Can't wait to read your full review.

  4. This makes me soooooo saaaaaaaaaaad. The Top Chef/MasterChef/Chopped superfan in me just wants to cry about how disappointed you were. Hopefully your next read is EXPONENTIALLY better!

  5. Wow, now I am super glad I decided against this book. I am auto approved by Bloomsbury so I figured I would wait and see what people thought before getting it. This sounded so cute and fun. Too bad it just sucked in the end.

  6. Wow, for such an awesome sounding book I'm glad that I didn't know about it before now. This one is not going to be for me!

  7. Ugh, yikes! This seemed like something I would love because it's seemingly reminiscent of The Next Food Network Star which I love, with no shame. ;) But it seems like this one was so disappointing. I'm sad that this one doesn't really focus on the competition- that seems like the highlight of the entire thing. And ugh, a terrible MC AND romantic interest. This seems like one I'm going to be avoiding.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Blythe!

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

  8. This looked so good. Now, I'm kinda glad I didn't requested it. Have you tried Sugar Rush by Rachel Astro? It's cover is super cheesy but the story is about two people/enemies entering a food competition and falling in love. That was really good.

  9. Watching it all unfold on Goodreads was pretty exciting for the rest of us, B.

  10. Ewwww. I am probably still going to read this, out of morbid curiosity, but if I don't get to it before it expires on NetGalley, then I won't be heart-broken either. What a waste of your time, Blythe!

  11. Aw man, I was super excited about this book because I love cooking shows and competitions just as you do. I do have it on Netgalley and I'll give it a shot but will be prepared to end less than satisfied.


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