The Celebration Begins...

Eeeee! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was beginning to plan my blogoversary with the wonderful Laura at Little Read Riding Hood, and now I can't believe that my blogoversary celebration is starting TOMORROW! EEEE! Okay, some things you should know about this celebration, if you don't know these things already, which, if you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know, and you can probably already guess some of the participating authors. Okay. I'm incoherent right now, as you can tell, but here is the basic gist of the celebration: 

My actual blogoversary is on April 4th. So that means, starting tomorrow, my actual blogoversary is in a week. But, since I like to draw awesome things out as long as possible, I decided to have my entire blogoversary a week long event leading up to my blogoversary--so think of it as something of a birthweek, not a birthday. Anyway, each day leading up to my blogoversary features a different, awesome author whose books are debuting from April to June, and each author has written up an awesome post for the event. 

And there are giveaways. Eight of them. In total, I am giving away about sixteen ARCs, two finished copies, and some swag throughout this event. 



I know I am.


I hope you all enjoy this celebration as much as I enjoyed planning it. I've met some awesome authors and have read some awesome books due to this event, and I love it a lot. 


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