So I'm Taking Another Hiatus...

Hi, everyone. I've been thinking about taking another hiatus for a little bit, now, seeing how helpful it was to me when I took one over the winter holidays, and I've decided to take a little week-long or so hiatus now. Recently I've been reading many May through June releases for my blogoversary celebration (speaking of which, has also put me behind in my blogging schedule, because this has taken a lot of planning), which has put me very behind in my review/blogging schedule, and that will likely continue for the next few weeks. As well as that, I haven't felt much motivation to do much lately--normally I would call it my laziness, but this time I'm just in an everything slump--which has put a dent in my reading schedule even more so. But, I will be back within the next week or two, hopefully with some reviews, likely with quite a few Coming Attraction posts (which are kind of reviews, I guess?), and then soon enough my week-long blogoversary celebration will begin, which I am trying to make as awesome and fun for you guys as possible, and I really hope you enjoy it.

So, I guess I'll see you all in two weeks or less! I'll most likely be spending much of my time on Twitter (I always do), so if you need to ask me something or want to talk or anything you can find me on there. I hope you all have a good week! Fingers crossed I will. :)


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