Showcase Sunday (30)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicki at Books, Biscuits, and Tea, where we showcase what books we've gotten over the course of the week, whether it be from a book store, bought for your eReader, received from the library, or from the publishers for review.

For Review:



From An Awesome Person: 

Charm & Strange: Should be starting this very soon and I am so excited--it sounds amazing, has gotten rave reviews so far, and I haven't read a werewolf book in quite a while, so I can't wait to read this one. Thanks, St Martin's Press!

Premeditated: Okay, so I cracked and read this one much earlier than I should have (I started it the day I got it), but this was fantastic, you guys. Not as revenge-focused as the synopsis would lead you to think, but despite that, this was really just absolutely and utterly fantastic. I can't post my review for a while, but you can expect a little teaser review really soon. Thanks, Random House!

The Eye of Minds: I liked Dashner's The Kill Order, but it was lacking immensely in character development, so I'm looking forward to reading this one to see if the issues Dashner had with character development in The Kill Order are addressed in The Eye of Minds. Thanks, Random House!

Night School: Ah, I'm so excited to read this one! It's gotten amazing reviews from friends of mine who have read the UK version of this when it was released a year ago, and it sounds like such a fun and mysterious read. Thanks, HarperTeen! 

Linked: I don't know much about this one, but from what I do know, it involves spaceships and twins and mind reading or something, so obviously I'm looking forward to it. Thanks, Simon and Schuster!

Rise: EEEEEEEEE! I adore this trilogy quite a bit, and have been dying to get my hands on an ARC of the final installment ever since I finished Once, so thank you, Jenn @ The YA Sisterhood. Thank you so, so much!

Also, another week with no bought books. I am on a freaking roll! (Next week will not be a no-purchases week, because have you seen the releases this Tuesday?) 

What did you get this week? 

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