Blogoversary Party Final Day: I'm 1!

Happy birthday to me!--er, Finding Bliss in Books, that is... I honestly can't believe it's been an entire year that I've been blogging, and I especially can't believe how much blogging itself and more importantly, the blogging community, has become such an integral part of my life--which is something I've honestly never expected. This is just a forewarning that I'm most likely going to get pretty emotional/sentimental with you guys, and all of this is probably something you've read in countless blogoversary posts before, so if you want to skip all this sappiness and get down to the giveaway below, I can't say I don't understand. If you do choose to read the following, 1) thank you, and 2) prepare yourself for a very long thank you note and a good dose of sappiness. 

You there, by your computer, the one still reading this even though there's a flashy giveaway just below the sappiness: I always knew I liked you... (Should probably stop before this begins to resemble a really creepy 'choose-your-own-adventure' novel.) 

I've met such amazing people since I've started blogging (or, more accurately, since I actually got out into the blogging community after months of endless intimidation), and I will be forever grateful for how the community has welcomed be, even without knowing who I was and what I was like. It sucks feeling like the new blogger on the block surrounded by older bloggers, and months before socializing I had gone through embarrassing scenarios in my head of what would happen if I did branch out, that everyone would initially dismiss me, and I am glad to be able to look back at how wrong those scenarios were, because this entire community is filled with amazing people. And also, of course, for this fabulous community and the people in it who accepted me and who I was without hesitation when I was sure nobody would. So thank you so much to the endlessly amazing JenniKara & Lyn, Christina, Steph & Kat, Giselle, Amy, Jessie, who I speak to practically daily, and also thanks anyone else who even spoke to me in the first few months of me reaching out in the blogging community, for welcoming me and accepting me, and, at the time, practically unprecedentedly, and making me feel a lot less alone. My relationships with each and every one of you above-mentioned lovelies mean so much to me, and I love you all. 

And, speaking of other people I love who have made my one year of blogging so amazing--thank you so much to my amazing followers, whether it be on here, Goodreads, or Twitter; however you follow, thank you for taking a chance with me and putting up with me willingly. And thank you to everyone who's ever taken the time out of their schedules to write a comment on my blog. Hell, thank you to anyone reading these very words right now, because that means you've visited my blog and have given it, and me, a chance by reading these words I've written, and that's all I can ever ask for. I hope you decide to stick around. And lastly, thank you so much to all the authors I've grown relationships with over this past year, and especially all of the authors who have taken part in my blogoversary celebration. Before I started blogging, authors were practically celebrities whom I would never have been able to even fathom myself interacting with, and even now whenever I see an author follows me on Twitter or any time I engage in a full-length conversation with an author, that shell-shocking feeling hasn't gone away. 

Thank you to everyone. Thank you to my readers--even the ones who came onto my blog and promptly left in a "Nope" fashion similar to this, for whichever reason. You've all made this past year amazing and fantastic and I love this community and the people in it more than words can even begin to describe.

And now for my final 'thank you'

What's a Finding Bliss in Books blogoversary without a giveaway, right? And yes, I know that I've had seven giveaways as part of my blogoversary celebration (which I hope you all enjoyed), but this is the real deal! This is my blogoversary day. Exactly one year ago I decided to create this very blog you're reading now. Although when I created it it was called The Lazy Reader and its design interface was blue with random banners on the side and random pictures of animals, and an even more random empty armchair just sitting there in my header, but aside from the fact that it looked like shit, the foundation for this blog was created one year ago today.

Which calls for a pretty damn big final, one-year giveaway, right? I think so. 

Which is why I've created an epic giveaway for you comprised of TEN semi-mystery ARCs. And here's how it will go down: 

I know most of you guys like knowing which books you'll be getting when you're entering a giveaway. To be honest, I'm just like you. I don't want to enter a mystery box giveaway, win it, get all excited, only to open the box and find sixteen signed paperback copies of Fifty Shades of Grey one week later. I get it. Which is why I've set up a semi-mystery box giveaway, that way I'm not flat-out telling you the books you win, and the more you know about YA, the more points you get towards winning! I suppose you can think of it as a YA Jeopardy of sorts. So here's the deal:  below are ten hints to ten ARCs I will be giving away to one lucky reader. To make it easier for you, since I know some of the hints are tough, each and every one of the ARCs I'm giving away are not released as you're reading this, nor will they be released before this giveaway ends. If you think you know what one of the ARCs I'm giving away is, you write the name of that book in the Rafflecopter below with the entry that has the number that corresponds with the hint. If you get the book correct, you get the points. If you're wrong, you do not get those points. Note: the amount of points rewarded for each hint is based on how difficult I think the hint is. 2 points is what I classify as easy, 3 points is medium, 4 points is hard. 

Sound good? 

Good. Let's get to the hints.


1. This sci-fi debut features cats... IN SPACE!
2. This book's title contains creatures of the underworld and a place where things I'm terrified of live. [DOUBLE HINT - Note: this book is NOT Revel, but read this review to help find out which book this hint is!]
3. Global warming and Greek myths combine in this previously self-published dystopian debut.
4. Reminiscent of Nightmare on Elm Street, this chilling debut is about a teen with a condition that is the book's title.
5. Twins and hallucinations are main factors in this upcoming sci-fi/dystopian debut.
6. This debut's cover's main colors are blue and purple, and it is about aliens and a sinister game of survival.
7. A blind princess, a mutant beast, and an enchanted rose take center-stage in this YA retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
8. This post-apocalyptic debut follows a teenage girl and toddler named "Baby," who are being followed zombie-like creatures.
9. Having red hair is everything in this debut novel pitched as a YA Stepford Wives.
10. This sophomore novel is by an author with a novel debuting in April, and is about one pissed off cousin seeking out revenge for a boy who broke her cousin's heart.

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