Today's Releases (February 12)






A lot of books I've been waiting a while to read are released today--yay! First off, Pivot Point. It's released today. I'm buying myself a copy, because I adore this book with a burning passion and want it on my shelves, and you should buy yourself a copy of it too, because it's amazing. Also, Revel is released today. I posted my review of it yesterday, if you want to see what I thought of it. And if you don't want to read my review to see what I thought of it, I'll give you the gist: I freaking love it. Recommended for fans on Monstrous Beauty, and for fans of sea-creature horror. And then there's Out of the Easy. I'm so excited for this one you guys! It sounds so amazing and has gotten great reviews from trusted friends of mine, so I think it's safe to say I'll be reading that one soon. Those are all the books I'll be getting this week, but it should be noted that I fail at reading NetGalley ARCs on time. Sorry Dance of Shadows and Notes from Ghost Town! So, which of today's releases will you be getting? Let me know in the comments, and happy reading! 


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