Pulse Giveaway Winner!

First, as usual, I'd like to thank all of those who entered the giveaway for Pulse. Without you guys entering, giveaways are just pretty boring, so thanks, and if you didn't win I have two other giveaways going on right now (one for an ARC of Far Far Away, and one for three YA contemporary romances and a $20 Book Depository gift card), so enter those if you'd like! And now, I reveal the winner of an ARC of Pulse by Patrick Carman... 

Entry #65: Ashe

Congratulations, Ashe! (Cool name, too!) I hope you enjoy Pulse more than I enjoyed it (I hope you enjoyed it much more than I enjoyed it, actually), and I'll also be sending you some signed swag from Patrick Carman himself. Again, thanks to everyone who entered, tweeted, etc for this giveaway, and I hope you have better luck on future giveaways - many of which are to come. Especially in April, which will have, like, close to ten awesome giveaways. Happy reading! 


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