Showcase Sunday (29)

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicki at Books, Biscuits, and Tea, where we showcase what books we've gotten over the course of the week, whether it be from a book store, bought for your eReader, received from the library, or from the publishers for review.

For Review:




The End Games: I'm so excited for this one it's crazy. I'll be starting it after my next read (which will be Unremembered), and I am so. freaking. excited. On a scale from me to Gary Busey, it's Gary-Busey-crazy how excited I am to read this. Thanks, HarperTeen!

Another Little Piece: This one sounds awesome, too! I think it's about cannibals, which sounds fascinating and creepy and amazing. But don't quote me on that. I'm probably wrong. Also, it mentions Pretty Little Liars and Stephen King in its blurb. This book and I are destined to be best friends. Thanks, HarperTeen!

September Girls: Looking forward to this one so much. It's gotten rave reviews saying it's beautiful, and I think it's about mermaids. When I asked the author he said it's 'a little bit about mermaids and a little bit not.' Whatever that means, I'm in. Thanks, HarperTeen!

The Murmurings: Just finished this one--three stars. It was good, but not very creepy, and the first half was very difficult to get through. The second half was absolutely great, though, so that's good. My review will be up on Thursday, but it's already on Goodreads if you're interested. Thanks, Simon Pulse!

Arclight: This one sounds great, and it was just recently picked up for a movie deal, so yay! Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks, HarperTeen!

Reboot: I should be starting this one after The End Games and I am ridiculously excited, as well. It sounds so awesome and fun! Thanks, HarperTeen!

In the After: This one sounds so creepy, and the author wrote an awesome post on silence and In the After which makes me want to drop everything and read this even more. Thanks, HarperTeen!

Unremembered: Starting this one next and I'm looking forward to it! I've been on a sci-fi kick lately, and this sounds really fun. Thanks, MacMillan!

Also, I bought no books this week! *blog readers collectively gasp* *high fives self*

What did you get this week? 

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