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I'm trying very hard not to buy any books this week as I am behind in reading ARCs (as evidenced by this week's releases - Black City AND Renegade are released today?! O_O), and behind in Project: Dystopian due to taking a break and reading Quicksilver (I REGRET NOTHING), but I think I'm going to cave in and buy Meant to Be. It sounds like such a cute read, and Christina @ Reader of Fictions loved it, so since then it's been one of my top priorities. But now I'm just disappointed in myself that I didn't read my ARCs of Black City and Renegade in time. *kicks rocks* I think they're both dystopians, so maybe I can pass them off as books for P:D, though! What books do you have your eye on this week? Leave a comment letting me know, and happy reading! 


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