Today's Releases (November 27)





Holy sequels! I feel like today is the day that all the sequels ganged up on us readers and decided to release on the same day to kill all of our wallets. Luckily for me, the only series which today's releases are a sequel to that I've read is the Dresden Files (Cold Days), and I can say that it is absolutely fantastic. However, I only read up to book five, so I'm not ready to buy Cold Days yet. So yay! My wallet is saved! As for all of your wallets, however... They may need to be put on life support, if you read any of the above series, or plan on reading some of the standalones released today. I'm not planning on buying any of today's releases, but if you are, let me know in the comments, and happy reading (and good luck to your wallet. I'll send my thoughts.)! 


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