Showcase Sunday (44): The One with All of Us

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicki at Books, Biscuits, and Tea, where we showcase what books we've gotten over the course of the week, whether it be bought, received from the library, from the publishers for review, etc. 

Alternate titles: The One in Which I Go Overboard Just a Little; The One Where Mel Proves Why Australia is Awesome; The One Where Ellis Finally Gets Pivot Point. (Also: this post is really long. I was going to name this The Really Long One but come on, that's just asking for penis jokes from you guys in the comments.)

(Blythe) For Review

They All Fall Down: This is pitched as Pretty Little Liars meets Final Destination, which sounds almost achingly perfect. If this isn't good I am going to cry. (And we'll find out soon enough, because this is going to be one of my Coming Attractions reads.) Thanks Delacorte!

Me Since You: I hadn't given this title much attention until Mel read it and loved it. Apparently it's really, really sad though, so I'll have to read it when I'm in the mood for something like that. not now. Thanks MTV Books!

Love Letters to the Dead: This has gotten rave reviews from everyone I love. So I was ecstatic when I got this. But, it is also apparently a book that will destroy my soul, which as you already know is not what I'm in the mood for right now. Thanks MacMillan!

The Truth About Alice: I was giving this a super side-eye until it got five stars from Bekka (at Great Imaginations), at which point I grabbed it immediately. Thanks MacMillan!

A World Without Princes: I haven't finished the audiobook for this (it lost my place and I got really frustrated), but what I did listen to I liked very much. So I grabbed this because I know I'll get back to the audiobook, but also maybe so that now I have more motivation to do so. Just in case. Thanks HarperTeen!

Say What You Will: The blurb pitches it as John Green meets Rainbow Rowell. I have not read any books from either of those authors, but that pitch still intrigues me and I am curious. Thanks HarperTeen! 

Hungry: I am so masochistic and I am so happy about it. So there's no food in this dystopian world, right? And the book opens with a description of a holographic apple tree, okay? AND WAIT FOR IT. The MC's name is THALIA APPLE. Because if you're hungry, your surname is a fruit. Naturally. But this book has inspired me to shout "My name is Blythe Pear!" at my husband whenever I am hungry so that he knows when to make dinner, so there's that. Thank you for that, book. And thanks to MacMillan, too! 

My Last Kiss: I think this is a murder mystery. All I know is it's narrated by someone who was murdered after they were murdered, like The Lovely Bones, I guess. Thanks MacMillan!

The Fever: The girl on this cover should probably remember where she puts her computer cords. But yeah, an epidemic. Lots of people die. Supposed to be creepy. Why not? Thanks Little, Brown! 

Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend: True fact: I almost didn't grab this because I knew its title wouldn't fit on one line when I got around to reviewing it. But I did end up getting it, because it sounds fun. And Jamie (The Perpetual Page-Turner) loves this author, which is enough for me. Thanks MacMillan!

Second Star: I am wary of this, I'll admit that. But it sounds original, and although the love triangle sounds troublesome, this one is with Peter and Hook. Which could be really interesting. Thanks MacMillan!

For Real: Okay, so Alison Cherry's debut (Red) was pretty bad. And I probably shouldn't want to give this a chance. But it's about reality television, so I'm pretty much obligated to. Thanks Delacorte!

Sekret: Russia and a dystopian society: that's all I know about this, and yet I think that's all I need to know. Thanks MacMillan! 

Guy in Real Life: I wasn't sure of this at first, but it sounds like an original romance, to say the least. And my friend Adam really liked it, so I'm hoping I do as well. Thanks HarperTeen!

(Mel) For Review

Unhinged: I have already read this one as well. Unfortunately, I was a black sheep. I felt completely detached from the book. The characters were idiotic and Alyssa spent most the time denying and hiding away from reality, the romance took over the plot and I wanted more of Wonderland. Still...gorgeous cover. I'll give the author that. 

On the Fence: The second I got my hands on this one, I basically ditched all other priorities and dug right in. Kasie West certainly did not disappoint with another squeal worthy romance but also had a strong family dynamic on the side. I can't wait to see what she has coming up next. 

Grasshopper Jungle: I still have no idea what this book is about. I read the synopsis and only have a vague idea of what to expect. Probably one of the most simplistic a covers I've come across as well. I have high hopes though. 


The Firebird Mystery: This was an unsolicited copy. I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to read this--however it is written by an Australian author (from Melbourne like me) and I do want to read my Aussie books. Also, the publisher put a sticker in the corner that says: "Love it or your money back" so the publisher must think it's very good to stick that on the book.

(Ellis) For Review

The Summer I Wasn't Me: I have been eyeing this book for months and I was so surprised when the Netgally gods smiled upon me and hit that approval button. Thank you forever for that. Obvious yes to LGBT fic. I'm even happier that this is lesbian fiction, because I feel like they're even more underrepresented in YA than gays. I want this to be spectacular. 

Lost Lake: I consider myself someone who'd really like magical realism. The problem is that I just haven't read that much of it. Let's hope this changes that.

(Ellis) Gifted/Traded for 

The Summer of Firsts and Lasts: This was a belated New Year's gift from my aunt. I've heard it features a strong and realistic sibling relationship between three sisters, which is the only thing I need to know. I love romance and shipping as much as the next person, but portrayals of friendship and family is what really hits me in the feels. 

The Archived: This is part of a trade I set up with Meg (Cuddlebuggery). I bought her some of the new Terry Pratchett editions because The Book Depository wouldn't let her buy them. Assholes. I figured it was time I became acquainted with Schwab's writing. I love the idea of "the dead resting on shelves like books" and this has generally gotten very positive reviews. It sounds like it could be something unique.

Pivot Point: Pivot Point was also part of that trade. 

1. Kasie West. 
2. Everyone seems to love it. 
3. Blythe really wants me to read this. 
4. I need to meet this Trevor person. 
5. My copy has some bonus material that includes a deleted scene between Addie and Laila. I love that West chose to make the bonus material about their friendship. Good priorities. 

Meant to Be: Meant to Be is the last part of that trade. It is supposed to be the fluffiest of them all. The synopsis sounds completely ridiculous, but in the best way possible. The cover is also gorgeous beyond belief. That might sound cheap, but we've all been there. 

What did you get this week? Let us know in the comments, or leave a link to your haul, and we'll check it out as soon as possible!


  1. Awesome hauls ladies!
    Blythe-Me Since You was okay for me. I didn't get overly emotional and I couldn't really connect to the characters. Sekret was a DNF for me which I hated because this book looked SO good! I got Say What You Will and so far it's okay.I do have Guy In Real Life but I'm not reading that until next month. I requested several of your other titles so I'm crossing my fingers.
    Mel- Sorry you were disappointed by Unhinged. I haven't read it yet but now I am super nervous because I LOVED Splintered. And you got On The Fence. SO jealous about that.
    Ellis- The Summer I Wasn't Me was so GOOD! I really hope you aren't disappointed by it.And Pivot Point? Yeah it kinda rocks in every single way possible.

    Happy reading ladies!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! I have quite a few Terra Elan McVoy books, but maybe I should read one first instead of buying them in good faith. EEP, I'm so excited for Pivot Point! It will probably be the next book I start.

  2. Lots of awesome this week for all of you! I am very eager to read My Last Kiss...I have a pretty good feeling about it...hoping I'm right. The Archived and Pivot Point are so good...I hope you enjoy them Ellis

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. I've been waiting for these for almost a year because I wanted to own the paperbacks.

  3. They All Fall Down sounds awesome! I agree, I hope it is as good as it should be!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  4. Sarah Addison Allen is excellent, I have to recommend the Sugar Queen if you haven't read that one yet.


    I liked Sekret.

    I am looking forward to reading World Without Princes too, mainly because I loved the audiobook. Like, I will download the egalley but will also cross my fingers that I am offered the audiobook.

    I still need to read Pivot Point, ha ha.

    Happy reading ladies!

    1. I hadn't heard of her until Christina mentioned she was a fan. So I haven't read the Sugar Queen yet, but I definitely will. Thanks, April!

  5. AH!! Jealous that you got to read On The Fence!! I am dying for that baby to release, but I'm still glad to hear you loved it!! They all fall down sounds really intriguing as well, and the cover freaks me out. I have high hopes for it!! This is such an epic haul, and it's so exciting that Ellis is finally going to read Pivot Point. YOU WILL LOVE IT, I SWEAR!!!! Epic haul, girlies! I hope you enjoy them all, and have a wonderful week!! :)

    1. Ooh, those are dangerous words. Obviously I want to love it, but I'm feeling the pressure, which makes me nervous. Aw, thank you, Becca! The same goes for you ^_^


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