The Search for a Co-Blogger/Reviewer

I've been thinking about adding a member or two (maybe!) to the Finding Bliss in Books team for quite a while now, and, seeing how far behind in my blogging schedule I am, I think now may just be that time, as I am getting just a bit stressed out. I love blogging so much, but it's a pretty stressful thing to do alone, and, as you may have noticed, I really am not the fastest reader. Which is why I am looking for a co-blogger, or, if you're not ready for that commitment just yet or we don't have an established relationship, a co-reviewer! 

What I am looking for in an applicant: 

I'm not asking for very much as far as applicants go, but I do have a few requirements if you want to be a co-blogger or frequent guest reviewer for Finding Bliss in Books: 

  • I need my co-blogger/reviewer to be committed to blogging, and have a passion for reading. Though I think the latter part is practically a given, I really want to have a co-blogger I can rely on when it comes to content, etc. 
  • Only apply if you will be able to post at least one review per week, and if you read primarily young adult. Some adult reviews here and there are fine, but the main focus of this blog is young adult novels. 
  • Well-written, thorough, and honest reviews. Don't be afraid to snark a little, too! 
  • At least some experience when it comes to reviewing, whether it be on Goodreads, or your own blog. (Having your own blog is not a necessity.) (Having a Twitter is practically a requirement, having a Goodreads is a perk.)
  • Do you consider yourself to be a fun person? If so, awesome! Because, as you may have noticed, I am definitely not the most serious person out there. I like having fun, and try not to take blogging too seriously--it's a hobby, and I treat it like such, and I am looking for others who treat it the same way. I am very dedicated to blogging, but I try not to let it stress me out too much, and if I have a co-blogger who stresses out easily, that will stress me out.
  • Don't be completely offended if I mess with the format of posts you make or anything like that! I'm pretty OCD about how each blog post looks, so I may fix it until you get used to the format! Also, please tell me when you're planning a post or a review, so that I can make sure none of my reviews or posts are overlapping with yours.

If I already have a relationship with you and know you well, that is absolutely an added perk! And if I don't know you before this, perhaps you can take up a role as a frequent guest reviewer, and then if you'd like we can arrange for you to become a co-blogger after we get to know each other! 

Perks for you!

  • You would get a lot of ARCs from Edelweiss and NetGalley, and maybe even some physical ARCs!
  • Lots of awesome and fun blog readers! Finding Bliss in Book's readership includes over 500 GFC followers, nearly 300 RSS subscribers, and over 200 BlogLovin' subscribers. 

If you're interested in becoming a frequent guest reviewer or an official co-blogger (if I already have a relationship with you) at Finding Bliss in Books, fill out the form below, and good luck! Thank you for your interest in my little blog.

Applications have been closed! 

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who has shown interesting in blogging with my crazy self; it really, truly means a lot. However, after much contemplation (choosing stressed me out because you were all awesome), I've chosen two people to become my co-bloggers.


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