Showcase Sunday (3)

Hi, everyone! I didn't get as lucky with galleys this week as last week (I only got one), but I did get five books gifted to me for my birthday yesterday, and I bought three books (no library books this week). Let's get this Showcase Sunday started!


The one galley I got this week I was actually not expecting to get, because the publisher is Bloomsbury, and they haven't accepted me once (from what I've heard they're very selective). That book is... 

Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman. Sorry, but the cover isn't released yet! It's about (more or less) two identical twins, and when one of them mysteriously disappears, the other twin tries to find her and uncover the truth based on her intense bond with her sister. The twin (that isn't gone) starts experiencing extreme physical trauma, although no one touched her, etc. I don't know, it seems like it could be pretty good... 

Books Bought

This week I bought three books at special prices for Kindles and Nooks. Those books are Die for MeStarcrossed and Deadly Cool

Die for Me (with Bonus Material) is now $1.99 for both Kindles and Nooks. You can snatch it up here. Starcrossed (with Bonus Material) is now .99 cents for both Kindles and Nooks. This version is set to release on May 15th. You can pre-order it here. Deadly Cool is now $2.99 for both Kindles and Nooks. This is most likely a special price, and won't last long, so you can snatch it up (quickly) here. (Those links should all take you to Amazon. For the Nook users reading this, I will post the links below).

If you're a Nook user, you can buy Die for Me (with Bonus Material) here
You can also pre-order Starcrossed (with Bonus Material) here, as well as Deadly Cool here

Books Gifted to Me
This week I had five books gifted to me (yesterday was my birthday). I can't wait to start them all, I've been waiting a while to read them!

Those books are Sweet VenomParanormalcyThe Unbecoming of Mara DyerThe Selection, and Insurgent. Once again, I'm extremely excited to read all of these (though I think I'm going to reread Divergent before I jump into Insurgent). 

That's it for week three of Showcase Sunday, thanks for reading! What did you get this week? Leave a link to your Showcase Sunday (or Book Haul, or Stacking the Shelves) in the comment section below. I hope everyone has a great week!


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