Who's The Scariest of Them All? Nominations

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest scariest of them all?

Look at what Blythe did! All the orange and black! O_O

As day two of the Halloween month, it is time to get some Halloween reads together and get reading. However, people like me, who don't read much horror/thriller/murder mystery type of books are in deep need of recommendations. So I've decided to create a post for not only just me, but for anyone else out there who is looking for some Halloween-y reads. And for all you people who read Halloween-y books like everyday, you can fill in the form below. This form is just a nomination sheet, there will be a post in around a fortnight of announcing the most nominated Halloween-y reads and then a poll will be up to choose who is the scariest of them all (maybe even a giveaway to go with *wink*. Yes, you can nominate from any main genre such as YA, MG, NA and Adult. Though let's try to stick around YA Halloween-y reads.

If you can't really tell the different between the options of scariest, creepiest and most suspenseful, here's just how I would tell them apart:

Scary= Keep the lights on and hide under your covers and stay there till morning
Creepy= Zombies, ghosts etc. Things that made your goosebumps get goosebumps
Suspenseful= Something that kept you on your toes, craving for more



  1. I submitted a response! I couldn't think of any that downright scared the crap out of me so I filled in the other two :D Looking forward to the next round- I'm really curious about which book is the creepiest, most suspenseful and scariest.

  2. Wow, I love the next temporary look, Blythe! Very halloween-y. This is a great way to share recs- I could only add one since I haven't read any so I'm curious about what everyone else has to say!

  3. Love the way you guys vamped up the site for Halloween! Makes me wish I could do something like it, but alas. Wordpress has its limitations. Anyway, this was a very cool idea, Mel. I just submitted in my picks. :) Looking forward to the results, because I really need some scary books in my life!

  4. I love that you guys changed the look for Halloween :D I love it!

  5. Great colour scheme! It's so applicable xD Fantastic idea to do it!
    Now, I shall ponder what to enter into each of those categories....


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