#IslaIsComing Tour Stop: Lola Nolan's "Bag"

GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS Isla is (officially) coming out TOMORROW. Can you believe it? Because this is clearly one of the most anticipated books in the entire blogosphere and beyond, this quintet of fantastic ladies known as Meg, Judith, Jamie, Lindsey and Andi took the amazing initiative of Isla Is Coming. I'm sure you've heard of it somewhere. More details on the entire ordeal here

Finding Bliss in Books has the honour of closing out Lola week, which is excellent because it's my (Ellis) favourite book. Full disclosure: I haven't read Isla yet so anything is possible, really. For all things Lola, and some seriously fabulous shoes, check out the Lola kick-off post

If you've read Lola, you know she's just this teensy bit obsessed with what's going on in Cricket's room. One such moment, for instance:

His curtains are still open, and his bags are still on his floor. I’ve been strangely fascinated by the shoulder bag. It’s an old, brown leather satchel, the kind that should be worn by a university professor or a jungle explorer. I wonder what’s in it. Probably just a toothbrush and a change of underwear. 

For all the curious souls out there, this happens after the HORRIBLY EMOTIONAL RECORD SHOP RUN-IN. 


So we started wondering: what would be in Lola Nolan's bag/purse/handheld accessory of the day? Here's a tentative, obviously non-exhaustive list of LNNs (Lola Nolan necessities) Blythe and I came up with. Feel free to add anything you think is Lola crucial!

1. A wig, obviously: 

Called "our little drag queen" by her fathers (yes, two of them! diversity!), wigs are pretty much a necessity for Lola Nolan in every day life. Of all lengths and colors and poofiness. I like to imagine her going outside with the brightest and poofiest wig, but could also totally see her snapping on (is that what you do with wigs? what is this) this sleek little wig walking down the street. Plus, it's totally similar to her wig on the cover, just bright blue, so points. 

"Life is too short to be the same person every day." 

Wise words from Lola Nolan. Live life like a drag queen and just be overall flawless. 

2. Watermelon bubble gum:

Budding fashion/costume designer or not, having a signature bubble gum is the dream. Lola seems to have a taste for watermelon (watermelon. serfbort. serfbort.) It's clearly a versatile flavour and the double entendre certainly isn't out of place in this series. Isla is coming, after all.

3. Black ballet slippers:

But real ballet slippers, not the flats that only look like ballet slippers. (Which, honestly, I'm not even sure the image I chose is.) Anyway, because Lola is a boss, she has to act like a boss, which may or may not include putting on ballet slippers mid-argument and ballet-ing the words out of her opponent to shut him or her up. (So I guess this could be considered a "may not," since technically it didn't happen, but to be fair we don't know what happens after the book ends. So.) Plus, Lola would totally ballet away from uncomfortable situations. While keeping eye contact and flailing her arms in those little ballet circle things. 

4. A cell phone, but for pie emergencies:

Now, you may think this is common sense, for Lola to have her phone with her in her bag. And it is, because WHAT IF THERE IS A PIE EMERGENCY? If there should ever be a pie emergency, a cell phone is an obvious necessity. She may need to call Cricket (!!), or one of her fathers (!!). Pie emergencies are big deals, you guys, and we should all have our phones equipped in case of one. Maybe even have an extra phone just for pie emergencies. You can never be too careful.  

5. White Jackie O sunglasses: 

Sunglasses are a necessity for when you're just too fabulous for the world around you, which, in Lola's case, is pretty much all day every day. I feel like the hypothetical day we're talking about would be a Jackie O kind of day, even though she's already worn them and has vowed never to wear the same outfit twice. She'll just have to change up the rest of her outfit then. Recreating with accessories. It's an art as well as a lifestyle. 

6. Emergency sewing kit:

For more Lola Nolan emergencies (which, let's be honest, are very real emergencies). For someone who goes out in costume more often than not, an emergency sewing kit is an obvious must for obvious, fashion-mishap-related reasons. No one wants to walk around San Francisco in Marie Antoinette garb only for it to all fall apart until you're naked. Or, like, a rip. For less extreme instances, I guess.

7. A rainbow of nail polish bottles:

When creating the perfect costume, accessories are everything. Immaculate and, ideally, colourful nails are an easy way to upgrade the hell out of your look. Knowing Lola, she wouldn't just keep things monochromatic. Nope, she'd Tahereh Mafi it all up in this joint. With 100% more dramatic nails. Which is why she needs her nail polish and thirteen back-up polishes close at hand (geddit?) at all times. 

8. A sharpie:

Once upon a time she might have used it to give out her number to skeevy musicians but since she now has Cricket (and let's be real, all you need is a Cricket) and is obviously touring the world with him, she only uses it to give out her phone number in case of figure skating costume emergencies. And other emergencies involving costumes and figure skating and Cricket. Like drawing stars when they've washed off. 

9. A metallic pink bottle cap:

If there's one item that would always, ALWAYS, be in Lola's bag, it would be this. Did she throw away the initial metallic pink bottle cap that is one of the fundaments of Lola and Cricket's relationship? Yes. But if you think Cricket wouldn't search high and low, left and right, all the continents, their islands, peninsulas, and all the water between for a perfect replica of the original, extremely significant metallic pink bottle cap, you don't know Cricket Bell. And look! He actually found a matching His & Hers set, because that is Cricket Bell, Boyfriend/Human Being Extraordinaire for you. 

Want more Lola and Cricket in your life? (Yes, you do.)

You're in luck, because the amazingly talented Gillian Berry (you probably know her from Writer of Wrongs and if not, you fail) has recently opened her own society6 store and has some fabulous Lola themed merchandise. To celebrate both this occasion and Isla Is Coming, we're giving away some of this fabulosity. You can choose between Lola stationary cards, a Lola mug, and a Lola tote bag.

Oh, and in line with the travelling theme present in this series, this giveaway of fabulosity is INTERNATIONAL. 

Rules of the Claiming Game

1. This giveaway is for either the mug, the tote bag or the stationary cards. You'll have to pick one. You can of course buy everything else in this store (as you should, btw), but that will have to be sponsored with your own monies.

2. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below.

3. Entrants need to be at least 13 years old and must have permission to share their address with me. I promise, I'm not going to use it for anything sketchy.

4. To be eligible for this giveaway, entrants must live in a country society6 ships to. You'll have to check the site for this. Once the mug/tote/cards is/are dispatched, I'm no longer responsible for anything that might happen to it/them.

5. This giveaway runs for 1 weeks, after which I will contact the winner. They have 48 hours to respond. If I don't hear from them, I'll have to pick someone else and that would be a shame, now wouldn't it? 

6. Please leave your email address in the Rafflecopter below, not in the comments. 

7. No cheating. I know the theme is present in this series, but it is staying far away from this post and its giveaway. 

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anything you'd like to add to this bag? Go wild. Lola would.


  1. you guys, this is the best. I eould love to be yhe tyoeof person with a wig in my purse with the very real chance of wearing it. I would love the tote! Also, thanks for the heads up on the store. I have bookish friends to buy pressies for! ~daphne

  2. SERFBORT. SERFBORT. (that totally derailed my train of thought and made me laugh my ass off)

    "Lola would totally ballet away from uncomfortable situations. While keeping eye contact and flailing her arms in those little ballet circle things. " HAAAAAAA BEST MENTAL PICTURE IS BEST.

    Cricket would absolutely find her a new bottle cap. Because Cricket is the best.


  3. I LOVE YOUUUUU GUYSSSSSSS and oh my kanye this is so totally what Lola would have in her purse you geniuses. The pink bottle caps made me die a little bit inside.

    "But if you think Cricket wouldn't search high and low, left and right, all the continents, their islands, peninsulas, and all the water between for a perfect replica of the original, extremely significant metallic pink bottle cap, you don't know Cricket Bell. "

    Excuse me while I go implode with feels.

  4. I love your list of Lola essentials! I actually have not finished the book, but I read this post anyway. I'm now aware that Cricket went and looked for the bottle cap. Awww. That's precious. I'm only now a little halfway through it. :( I'm loving it though!


  5. Love all the essentials found in her tote bag! I always have bubble gum in mine and my sunglasses. The "she's a maniac" emoticon had me laughing for a while hehe :)
    I've checked the Lola themed merchandise and they are so good! Thank you for the international giveaway.

  6. This post is so awesome! I think Lola would also have a ton of sparkly barrettes and earrings that she just dumps from one purse to another - that way she can always pull something new out! Lola is definitely my favorite so far - but I just got my Isla book yesterday!

  7. Oooh, anything to support Gillian! :D I haven't read LOLA yet, but she seems like the kind who would like nail decals along with nail polish. :)

  8. Oooh what a great prize! And thank you so much for making it international! :D

  9. I absolutely loved this book and your post is so cool! Thanks for the giveaway :D


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