Review Policy / Contact Us

I am currently accepting review requests.

To publishers and authors: If you are interested in sending me a copy of a book to review, please read the following. 

At this moment, I am accepting both ebooks and physical copies/ARCs. Works sent to me will not be sold, shared, or given away, unless permitted or requested to do so. I will only be accepting books I'm genuinely interested in reading and reviewing, so please realize that not every book will be accepted. At the moment, it is also to be noted that I am, unfortunately, not accepting self-published review requests after some recent incidents/drama. My apologies to self-published authors, but right now I'm not willing to possibly spark drama due to a negative review.

Books I'm interested in reading are generally dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, horror, young adult, and sometimes science fiction. Please recognize that I will not read any erotica books, and all requests sent to me for erotica books will be declined. I am also not very interested in reading contemporary romance books, so any requests sent to me for contemporary romances will most likely be declined as well, unless of course they interest me. I also rarely read historical romance, non-fiction, and religious books.

I will accept all books on my wishlist for review.

Our reviews include:

● The title and author of the book we're reviewing

● The cover art of the book we're reviewing

● A synopsis of the book we're reviewing

● A rating (on a scale of one to five stars - see the rating system here)

● Of course, our thoughts on the book. 

All of my reviews will be posted on my blog, as well as my Goodreads profile

If the book you're sending me is an ARC, I will try my best to read and review the book before the release date, though please acknowledge that I may not be able to get to your book before its release, or at all--both instances I will try to avoid at all costs. 

Contact Blythe

Requests and any questions may be sent to blytheharris4 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Contact Mel

Requests and any questions may be sent to theyabooklover [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Or contact all of us at findingblissinbooks [at] gmail [dot] com.