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Meet Mel!

Hello book nerds! My name is Melanie and I am a 13 year old Aussie. Things I do in my life: read, review, blog, spaz out, procrastinate and freak out. Trust me- you don't want to be there when I freak out- it's nasty. Other more productive activities I try to attempt are playing piano, Netball and be a good student. My obsessions are My Little Pony (I bet you didn't know! Hint: look at my avatar) and Percabeth. If you don't know what Percabeth is, I'm sorry but- NO. Read Percy Jackson and you will have just read my favourite series of all time. Anyhoo, I also own my own blog, YA Midnight Reads where I am forever alone. You can find me on Gooodreads and Twitter! (@Melanie_YMR)